The association was founded on the 31st of January 1941. The goal of Association is to maintain readiness and improve civil defence and self preparedness basis under normal and emergency conditions. To reach our aim, we arrange and develop civil and company defence by educating citizens, arranging lectures, courses, meetings and festivals. We also distribute written material and civil defence equipment.

Association's flag

The association:


  • Course for bomb shelters’ caretakers
  • Safety course for civilians (everyday safety course)
  • Humanitarian rights course
  • Basics of rescue services course
  • Basic course for self preparedness and civil defence
  • Radio communications course
  • Mental health in crisis situations course
  • Emergency first aid
  • First aid EA1 and EA2, together with the Finnish Red Cross

Some of the courses are arranged in cooperation with Helsingin Pelastusliitto (only in Finnish)


  • To give assistance in making security plans for apartment buildings, real estates and companies
  • To give assistance on matters concerning civil defence


  • Advice and information on civil defence matters
  • Education on civil defence in schools and colleges
  • Follow-up courses for people with basic education on civil defence



Examples of our operations:

Essential part of our operations are the guided tours at our museum. We have currently
24 trained museum guides and new members are most welcome to join the group.

If you are interested in Search and rescue dog activities, please find further information on that at HePeKo’s website on (only in Finnish).

As a member you get discount on defence materials and you may participate in the courses and events arranged byt the association. Join by filling the membership form.

Welcome aboard!