The museum is built in an actual Second World War bom shelter.

The museum is built in an actual Second World War bom shelter.

In Civil Defence Museum the visitor gets a vivid glimpse of the civil defence in Helsinki during the Second World War in 1939 – 1944 and a tour through the history of civil defence from 80 years ago to present day. The war years are described in great detail with authentic paraphernalia; you can even visit a re-built war time bom shelter with sound effects to add to the experience.

Museum is open weekly on Saturdays from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.

Guided tours in Finnish, Swedish and English 

The Civil Defence museum is governed by Helsinki City Rescue Department and its guides are voluntary members of Helsinki Defence Association. The guided tours are available in Finnish, Swedish and English. The exhibition consists of authentic technical paraphernalia as well as objects from day to day life during the war years in Helsinki. You may also view video presentations on civil defence and on how people survived on war time environment.

Lectures in the museum

The Civil Defence Association of Helsinki arranges lectures on civil defence and personal safety on demand for visitor groups and school classes:

  • Preparations for crisis situations in Helsinki
  • Protective measures againts radiation or gas poisoning – lecture and practical training
  • History of civil defence and a guided tour in the museum


Tailored course in the museum around 3 hours.
Fee 4 € /person,  includes coffee.
Minimun group size 15 people.

Enquiries Mon – Fri:
Civil Defence Association of Helsinki
Greta Nikkilä
Gsm 040 722 8120
tel. (09)278 2018